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On the Trent Severn Waterway
15 minutes south of Peterborough, ON, Canada

    A River of Yarn

 On the Trent Severn Waterway 

15 minutes south of Peterborough, ON, Canada 

A River of Yarn, is pleased to announce that we are a Canadian Distributor of Neko curved double point knitting needles from Germany. 

Neko curved double point knitting needles

Why us?

We are located on one of Canada's National Historic Sites, the Trent Severn waterway. We are accessible by land and water in the summer months, and land only throughout the rest of the year.  The studio is OPEN for business and is stocked with fabulous yarns such as alpaca, wool, cotton, flax, acrylics and specialty yarns.  There are many patterns, books and accessories to choose from.

The studio displays sample garments using the latest in luxury yarns available today.  Always with a look towards fashion and affordability, we can help you create your unique designs.

Wishing you, A River of Yarn!